SE5000 Exact Duo2 Digital Tachograph

The Stoneridge SE5000 digital tachograph Exakt Duo2 is an intelligent device that uses the one-minute rule. It contains functions in accordance with the Working Time Directive. Thanks to it, drivers know exactly how long they are work and how much time they have to get to the place of rest. Thanks to such data, you can carefully plan your work week. The "one minute rule" technology saves you 45 minutes of extra driving time.
Why SE5000 Exakt Duo2 and not another tachograph?
  • Extended availability mode
  • Better informing drivers about working time
  • Calculation of rest and driving time
  • Helps to comply with the rules on drivers' working time against penalties
  • In addition, you get 45 minutes of extra working time
  • It improves the organization of driver and car work
  • Shorter data download time
  • Intuitive manual entries
  • Two-year warranty regardless of mileage
Duo tachograph technology

The modern SE5000 tachograph Exakt Duo2 is the most modern device in accordance with the "one-minute rule"! Equipped with proven Duo technology and decision support tools. It gives drivers the opportunity to update in real time both driving time and rest. The Duo technology has been supplemented with calculations in accordance with the Working Time Directive and including travel by ferry and train.
Benefits and functions
  • Supports a second traffic source, valid for all new vehicles registered after October 1, 2012.
  • Big symbols appear when the activity changes - it shows only the current activity when changing 
  • In a short time, it processes the card when it is inserted or removed
  • The changeover from summer to winter time is automatic
  • Thanks to the automatic blockade, the driver can be sure that unauthorized persons will not have access to the data
  • In an unusually short time, it downloads data & ndash; three-month data shows after 1 min 30 sec
  • Setting up a roll with paper is very easy and takes little time
  • Additional option & quot; Rest to now & quot; is placed in the menu Manual entries 
Driving time

The driving time includes: continuous driving time (4 h 30 min), daily driving time (9 or 10 h), weekly driving time (56 h) and a two-week driving time (90 h). We have 3 hours 50 minutes of driving time (current activity) remaining until the driver has to stop for a break of 9 hours.
Rest time

The rest period includes: breaks (45 min or 15 + 30 min), daily rest (9, 11 or 3 + 9 h) and weekly rest (45 or 24 h). The driver must rest (current activity) for another 45 minutes before the next ride for 4 h 30 min.

Time calculations

The working hours display includes calculations in accordance with the Working Time Directive and provides information on working time since the last break, working time and breaks of the day, working time and breaks of the week, providing drivers with full information.

The tachograph gives the driver important information about driving and rest, for example the maximum daily driving time, information about rest, anticipating it with the approaching end of driving or resting time.
 User manual for SE5000 tachograph  SE5000 Tachograph User's Manual
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